William F Wiley MD

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Summary: Awesome Experience
June 21st, 2016
After years of hearing my sister brag about her lasik experience with Dr. Wiley, I finally took her advice to go to a consultation. At the consultation, I was told exactly what to expect if I had lasik. The Staff and Doctor answered all my questions and made me feel very much at ease. I immediately booked my appointment. While waiting in the lobby to have the procedure (my sister waited for me on the massage chair), I saw a couple of people who had lasik as they were leaving. They had big smiles on their face and that gave me a sense of relief. When it was time for my procedure the staff and Doctor were great at communicating all of the steps I was going thru. I had my procedure on Friday 6/17 @ 2:00pm and by the time I went to my follow up on 6/18 @ 11:30am, my vision was 20/15. YES! PERFECT VISION! Why didn't I get this sooner??
To sum this all up...Clearchoice, Dr.Wiley and his staff are a class act. If you're on the fence about having lasik, I recommend that you just go to a consultation to see what it's all about. I promise you, you won't regret it!
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