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Robert C.
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August 19th, 2015
Since my early teens, right after WW-2, after witnessing the torture my father went through by having experimental eye-surgery in Europe by a famous professor, I have suffered from a Major League phobia of having to have anything done to my eyes.
I thanked my Maker on my Bare Little Knees for giving me truly outstanding eyes and almost lived happily ever after, until, close to the ago of 80, I became aware that my eyesight was diminishing. Bear in mind that during my flying days, my nick-name was “Hawk-eyes”.
After I rejected the referral from a friend-neighbor, my wife, an expert at internet research, and I started independently searching for an eye-surgeon in the Coachella Valley. My wife came into my study, saying “I found someone”, to which I replied, “So did I”. We had both independently chosen the impressive credentials and description of Dr. Hal Le, in Palm Desert.
We made an appointment and both met Dr Le, who examined me, gave me a good measure of confidence, a full explanation, and as an added benefit, informed me that he performs his surgeries at the El Mirador Surgery Center in Palm Springs, where I had a most satisfactory, not eye-related, surgery in 2006.
Dr Le operated on my left and worst eye (Cataracts & Astigmatism) last July 8.
Dr. Le and his crew was fantastic, quick, thoughtful and utterly competent.
My confidence and enthusiasm are self evident by the fact that I booked the second surgery to my right (and better) eye, promptly after the first surgery. This second surgery took place to my entire satisfaction on August 12.
This is written on August 19, and my eye-sight is improving daily. I see distance perfectly, am still taking eye-drops, so they should even improve more. Colors are brighter, and although I was told that I would need glasses for reading, because of the rate at which things are improving every day, I am not so sure.
Without qualification, I can highly recommend Dr. Le to anyone. Additionally, his front-, and back-office personnel are delightful and competent.
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