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Katherine I. Ochsner, M.D. — Glaucoma Specialist

Dr. Ochsner is a board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist. She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and earned her medical degree from Louisiana State University Medical School and her general ophthalmology training from the University of Louisville. She went on to study medical ethics and pursue subspecialty training in glaucoma at the University of Texas.  
On completing her Glaucoma fellowship, Dr. Ochsner joined the faculty at the University of Texas, where she served as Director of Glaucoma Services and fellowship training for nearly 10 years. She is a fellow diplomate of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and a member of the American Glaucoma Society.
Dr. Ochsner joined Eye Associates of Wilmington in 2000, and continues to add to her extensive subspecialty experience by participating in national educational programs and clinical research.  
Dr. Ochsner’s focus of her practice is the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of all forms of glaucoma, cataract, and associated ocular conditions. Selective laser trabeculoplasty, standard trabeculectomy, ExPress mini glaucoma shunt, tube shunts procedures, are among the procedures she has studied, taught and performs regularly.
By continuing to participate in the development of new glaucoma medications and delivery systems, Dr. Ochsner can provide her patients with the most up to date data and access to the newest medications.
Dr Ochsner continues to introduce the newest medical, laser and surgical procedures to the region. She has learned from surgeons in prestigious institutions in the United States and Europe. She then went on to teach those procedures to dozens of glaucoma fellows who are now practicing throughout the US. Her mentors and former students provide her a constant flow of ideas and information as well as recourses for challenging patients and procedures.
“I can honestly say I would rather take care of glaucoma patients than practice any other of the many types of ophthalmology and medicine I have been exposed to. After completing my ophthalmology training, I went on to study medical ethics and join the University of Texas faculty as a comprehensive ophthalmologist with a special interest in oculoplastic surgery, a cataract surgeon and teacher. When the department was suddenly in need of someone to take over the glaucoma service, I agreed to do so on a “temporary” basis.  Although it was the most difficult and challenging work I had ever done, my students and patients helped me realize my passion for it. With the support of my department, I went on to complete my glaucoma fellowship, study new techniques in Europe and the US before formally becoming Head of Glaucoma Services. I continue to be passionate about fighting the blinding disease and treating the patients burdened with it. Eye Associates allows me the environment and resources to continue to practice glaucoma at the same level as I was allowed in a Medical University setting.”  - Katherine Ochsner, M.D.
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