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leah Crafts
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Summary: Not the Doctor for Ptosis Repair!!!
November 18th, 2015
Dr. Kostick performed "Ptosis" surgery on one droopy eyelid of mine in January 2015. This surgery seemed like it was botched. Eyelid was worse than before I went in. I made a decision to let him do a second surgery in October 2015 to correct issue as I could not even see out of that eye at the time. This surgery was called "Frontalis Suspension" (where nylon strings are inserted to raise eyelid). The eyelid is a little higher than it originally was (i can now see out of it) but the eyelid is still not even to my other normal eye, not even close. To top all of this off, I now have a loose nylon string that is floating around my lid. I noticed this "loose" nylon string 1 month after the 2nd surgery. This man will never do any work on my body ever again and I will not recommend him to my worst enemy. This has been an unbelievable year and experience. I feel so bamboozled, he has so many good ratings on the internet. I am convinced that he is not very experienced with correcting droopy eyelids at best. He seems like a credible doctor even in person but the evidence is in his work. After the 1st failed surgery he was not even a bit sympathetic. Shame on me, I made a poor decision to choose him in the 1st place and an even worse decision to have him correct the problem. I am now left with a droopy eyelid that is severely scarred (due to the incision) and no feeling due to the cutting (all numb) and a constant feeling that something is in my eye due to the loose nylon string!
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