Charleston Cornea & Refractive Surgery

 When I heard the words, "I only wish I'd done it sooner!" from so many patients, I began to think about ways to help future patients shorten the time they spend thinking about LASIK. The following are major questions most people have about whether they should replace their glasses and contacts with the clear natural vision that only LASIK can provide:
What assurance can you give me that I'll achieve 20/20?
How much of a risk will I be taking? What's the truth about complications?
What makes you better than any other surgeon I might find in Charleston?
How affordable is it really? Will it all be worth it?
We've designed this website so you can get answers to these questions easily. 
Pick a tab, start your journey, and may your life never be restricted 
by poor vision again!


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David G O'Day MD Charleston Cornea & Refractive Surgery David G O'Day MD March 24th, 2014 1