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I want to personally introduce you to the story of Spector Eye Care. On March 23, 1989, I purchased a small practice on 10 Mott Ave in Norwalk from the well-respected ophthalmologist, Benjamin Lyons, who had practiced in Norwalk for almost 40 years.   I had the honor of taking over his practice and care for his patients. The office had orange chairs, dark paneled walls, coral colored examination equipment and dozens of ancient ophthalmic instruments and devices, which we currently have displayed in our West Ave office.  My initial efforts as an ophthalmologist were to modernize the equipment, commit to educating my patients and the community, and dedicate myself to excellence and service to my patients. 
Although I loved my Mott Avenue location, we quickly outgrew it and moved to 605 West Ave in Norwalk.  That was a very exciting time and the amount of effort expended was huge.  State of the art equipment, a fresh and comfortable environment, caring staff, well trained associate doctors and a growing legion of patients who became the ambassadors of my practice.  Once this office was fully established, we expanded into Stamford with another senior ophthalmologist named Joseph Walsh.   Dr. Walsh worked with us for several years before he too retired. This office at 1250 Summer St in Stamford still continues to provide care to many of our patients.
Several years later, in 1999, I built and opened the New Vision Cataract and Laser Center located  in the lower level of our 605 West Ave location.   This 8000 Square Foot facility has 2 full service operating rooms, an independent laser center for LASIK and Vision Correction, a comfortable and relaxing reception area, and multiple lasers for glaucoma and vision enhancement.   Due to the facility’s high level certification from the AAAHC, 3 full time nurses dedicated to eye surgery only, and a track record that includes over 20,000 surgical procedures, the surgical care afforded our patients cannot be surpassed.  Additionally, we were named the “Small Business of the Year, 2000” by the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.
Fast forward to 2009 –  Norwalk Hospital approaches us to be the exclusive ophthalmic provider for comprehensive medical, surgical and routine eyecare services in the confines of a “medical mall.”  I was excited to have this exclusive opportunity to expand to I-Park, located on the Norwalk/Wilton line in the old Perkin Elmer building at 761 Main Ave, Norwalk .  This beautiful and unique office has automated and computerized eye glass testing, an OPTOMAP wide field retinal imaging system which makes dilation unnecessary and a full selection of prescription eye ware at our new and professionally staffed Optical Department.  The reception from our large number of new patients has been outstanding.  You will love what technology has done for your eye exam!
I am extremely proud of what my staff and I have accomplished.  We are a dedicated group of doctors, nurses, technicians, medical assistants and patient care specialists.  Together, we help people see and in turn, we change their lives.  Despite the changes in health care and health insurance, we remain committed to helping people preserve and improve their precious sight.
We welcome you to our growing family of happy patients.
Scott Spector, MD


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