Virginia Eye Consultants

Virginia Eye Consultants has been providing state-of-the-art eyecare to the Hampton Roads community for more than 50 years. The practice was established in 1963 by John W. Dickerson, who was the first ophthalmic pathologist and oculoplastic surgeon in Norfolk. In 1979, he was joined by corneal specialist Dr. Bruce I. Bodner, who had founded the Lions Eye Bank of Eastern Virginia.

Virginia Eye Consultants has grown tremendously since then as we continue our commitment offer the residents of Hampton Roads and the surrounding area a unique medical experience We now have five locations with over a dozen board certified sub-specialist who are considered leaders in their field both nationally and internationally. We continue to meet our goal of providing our patients with access to world-class surgeons, the most advanced technology and exceptional personal patient care here in our local community.

Our team has always placed a strong emphasis on innovation and technology which has developed our reputation as national leaders in academic, clinical, and surgical expertise. Our doctors are fellowship trained and board certified, producing the highest quality of medical and surgical eye care. With such a large and diversely trained team, VEC is able to provide a comprehensive collection of solutions, addressing virtually every eye care need. Such specialties include LASIK,cataract surgery, ophthalmic plastic surgery, corneal transplantation, glaucoma, refractive surgery, uveitis diagnosis and treatment, ocular infections, inflammatory eye diseases, diabetes, macular degeneration, retinal disease, eye movement disorders, and dry eye.

Looking back over our history, we are proud of the progress we have made for both VEC and the Ophthalmology industry as a whole. Our doctors are committed to being the best at what they do, and our entire team looks forward to continuing our transition as leaders in world-class specialty eyecare.


Image Clinic Name Date Reviews Rating
Cecelia C Koetting OD Virginia Eye Consultants Cecelia C Koetting OD May 31st, 2016 0
Christopher J Kuc OD Virginia Eye Consultants Christopher J Kuc OD May 31st, 2016 0
Constance O Okeke MD MSCE Virginia Eye Consultants Constance O Okeke MD MSCE May 31st, 2016 0
David M Salib MD Virginia Eye Consultants David M Salib MD May 31st, 2016 0
Dayna M Lago MD Virginia Eye Consultants Dayna M Lago MD May 31st, 2016 0
Elizabeth Yeu MD Virginia Eye Consultants Elizabeth Yeu MD May 31st, 2016 0
Esther Chang MD Virginia Eye Consultants Esther Chang MD May 31st, 2016 0
Jay C Starling MD Virginia Eye Consultants Jay C Starling MD May 31st, 2016 0
John D Sheppard MD MMSc Virginia Eye Consultants John D Sheppard MD MMSc May 31st, 2016 0
Samantha Dewundara MD Virginia Eye Consultants Samantha Dewundara MD May 31st, 2016 0
Stephen V Scoper MD Virginia Eye Consultants Stephen V Scoper MD May 31st, 2016 0
Thomas J Joly MD PhD Virginia Eye Consultants Thomas J Joly MD PhD May 31st, 2016 0
Walter O Whitley OD Virginia Eye Consultants Walter O Whitley OD May 31st, 2016 0