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Paula Valenti
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Summary: Be Forewarned
August 22nd, 2013
Be Forewarned unprofessional I have had a very bad experience with SPECTOR EYE CARE Main Street office and have been unable to discuss or get clarification on this with anyone other than front desk help who direct me to billing and doctor. After 5 weeks of waiting for any return phone call I have been forced to resort to this platform in hopes this issue can be clarified and if not at least the next person will be forewarned. This is my experience: Went in for a yearly eye exam. I am a long time hard contact to gas permimalbe lens wearer (basically hard lenses I am unable to correct eye site with a soft lenses of disposable lenses) This was in July I asked how I could see better up close and it was suggested a multi focus lens I explained how a few years back an out of network provider such as yourself (Dr. Wong) tried a contact and it did not work this was a near sited lens in one eye and far sited lens in another. I was told that the multi focus lens was not this and that this doctor has never had a problem with a patient not working for them. I ask the cost and was told $350.00 ;which was find with me because it was fair I paid Dr. Wong the same amount for fitting and lens a few years back (3) so I said yes and all that was done was ordering the contact and paying the $350.00 which I did. The contacts came in I come in tried them on and could not see even to drive home, I was told to try them for a few days and come back I did and nothing changed I did express my concern with the new contacts being much larger than what I had had I never got a reply from the doctor after expressing this 2 times. The doctor stated that they were sitting to high. Those contacts were sent back to ????fitter who returned them a week or so later with an alteration to the right lens but the left was still the same I could not see I was told to go home try them out and mix them up with my old lenses to see if any combination worked. Well I did and I went back and told the doctor that I could see out of the revised right contact in right eye and could see well with that contact in left eye, which I thought strange. She took the left lens and set it back for a right lens for my left eye. When that lens came in I got a phone call to swing by and pick up the lens no appointment was needed. So when I went to pick up the corrected left lens I was also told to pay $218.00 I asked for what? I was told the new lens. I could not get the counter girl to understand that the "trial lens "and the new lens she was charging me for was the same lens. So I have been charged $568.00 for a pair of gas permeable lens that I can not see well out of and cause me a headache. Lens in which my eye site has NOT been checked and lenses that I was told would be at a cost of $350.00 Since July 5th I have left 2 messages for billing department and 1 message for office manager and 3 messages for the doctor. The only call back I have ever received in 5 weeks was from the doctor who called back at the only time in which I said on my message I would not be home and have not received a return call yet. This part I find extremely unprofessional! on all aspects of this office. This is the question no one will answer after a month and half where are my trial lenses? or where are my new lenses? and which do I have at home, because I only have one pair of contacts. I consider the lenses I have as "Trial Lenses" no one has ever checked the fitting or eye site of this pair, very unprofessional. If the $350.00 represents the contact fitting charge and "trial lens" and the additional $218.00 represents ONE pair of new lens, than I should have TWO pairs of lenses yes or no. The contacts I have right now are the "trial lenses"and since the left contact was changed no one has checked my eye site. I have taken to Yelp and the BBB to express my complaint because no one from Spector Eye Care will answer the question or call me back. This is all very sad because I have heard nothing but great things about Dr. Spector and that is why I changed eye doctors 2 years ago. I will be having all my files and families sent to another doctor shortly this has been nothing but an extreme waste of my time and money not only is this unprofessional as a doctor but as a business. I think Dr. Spector should know how his business name is being handled.
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