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For Bill Wiley, eye care is all in the family. His father Robert is a retired eye surgeon, an early pioneer in LASIK and one of the original founders of Clear Choice. As a result, Bill knew at a young age what he would be when he grew up. And he isn't just walking in his dad's footsteps, he's running in them.

Bill received a BA in Chemistry from the University of Virginia, then attended the Medical College of Ohio. During a rotation in medical school in Russia, he worked with Dr. Svyatoslov Fyodorov, the pioneer of modern refractive surgery. And Bill received honors from Harvard Medical School during an advanced ophthalmology rotation.

Bill's credentials continue beyond his education. He's worked in China, Russia and India, studying the latest refractive techniques. And he's truly a "doctor's doctor" – Bill has performed surgery on more than 100 physicians and their families in the last four years.

Bill is currently medical director at Clear Choice, the Cleveland Eye Clinic and Toledo LASIK Center. If he weren't conducting laser vision correction procedures, he'd be teaching ophthalmology, which he does with residents occasionally at Case Western University Hospital. Bill also occasionally enjoys the Starbuck's French Vanilla coffee in the Clear Choice lobby… but only after his work is done for the day.

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Summary: Awesome Experience
June 21st, 2016
After years of hearing my sister brag about her lasik experience with Dr. Wiley, I finally took her advice to go to a consultation. At the consultation, I was told exactly what to expect if I had lasik. The Staff and Doctor answered all my questions and made me feel very much at ease. I immediately booked my appointment. While waiting in the lobby to have the procedure (my sister waited for me on the massage chair), I saw a couple of people who had lasik as they were leaving. They had big smiles on their face and that gave me a sense of relief. When it was time for my procedure the staff and Doctor were great at communicating all of the steps I was going thru. I had my procedure on Friday 6/17 @ 2:00pm and by the time I went to my follow up on 6/18 @ 11:30am, my vision was 20/15. YES! PERFECT VISION! Why didn't I get this sooner??
To sum this all up...Clearchoice, Dr.Wiley and his staff are a class act. If you're on the fence about having lasik, I recommend that you just go to a consultation to see what it's all about. I promise you, you won't regret it!
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