ClearSight Lasik

"I only wish I’d done it sooner!"
That's what we hear so often from our patients after LASIK at ClearSight. They tell us the main reasons
they hesitated were concerns about the outcome and unanswered questions. So…
Get your toughest laser vision correction questions answered candidly
Learn why Dr. Gary Wilson is the only eye surgeon in Oklahoma who will make a written commitment
to excellence with a 20/20 Money Back Guarantee.
Achieve 20/20 or better vision and save the cost you’re now spending on contacts and glasses
Meet Dr. Gary Wilson, learn about his unparalleled credentials and find out what his
patients say about him
Find out for yourself whether LASIK might work for you


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Gary Wilson, MD ClearSight Lasik Gary Wilson, MD April 16th, 2013 1