Vision Care Center

Vision Care Center of Arkansas is an ophthalmology center providing LASIK eye surgery . If you are one of many people in Arkansas seeking to improve your vision please feel free to contact our Arkansas LASIK office. We have LASIK patient counselors that will explain the entire surgical process, provide extensive patient education and even help arrange financing. Vision Care Center of Arkansas is dedicated to making LASIK eye surgery more affordable.

This ophthalmology website contains a vast collection of information regarding LASIK eye surgery. Russell L. Harral, III, M.D. and Joseph C. Stainton, M.D. are firmly committed to providing the highest in LASIK patient education so that our patients can make a well-educated decision as to whether or not LASIK would be a good vision correction option. Because our Arkansas ophthalmologists are board certified AAO ophthalmologists they also offer alternatives to LASIK eye surgery.


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Alyssa N Wenger MD Vision Care Center Alyssa N Wenger MD April 15th, 2013 0
Joseph C Stainton MD Vision Care Center Joseph C Stainton MD April 15th, 2013 0
Lasercare Eye Center Vision Care Center Lasercare Eye Center March 9th, 2018 0
Russell L Harral III MD Vision Care Center Russell L Harral III MD April 15th, 2013 0