Wolfe Eye Clinic - Ottumwa

Wolfe Eye Clinic Ottumwa provides an array of eye care services including retina disease, retina surgery, cataract and glaucoma. Our doctors and stage at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Ottumwa utilize the latest technologies and eye care treatments to provide a higher standard of eye care excellence for the people of the Ottumwa. 
Address: 1005 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 110 Ottumwa, IA 52501
Phone: 641-682-8571
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Image Clinic Name Date Reviews Rating
Alex Kartvelishvili MD Wolfe Eye Clinic Alex Kartvelishvili MD May 26th, 2016 1
Gregory L Thorgaard MD Wolfe Eye Clinic Gregory L Thorgaard MD May 26th, 2016 0
Kyle J Alliman MD Wolfe Eye Clinic Kyle J Alliman MD May 26th, 2016 4